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Moving across the country is an ordeal, an epic adventure, which uproots you from your home and settles you in a new place. It takes time, it takes money, and it takes mental and physical strength. Because it’s a test of endurance, it’s important to find the path of least resistance, and because it’s expensive it’s nice to find the cheapest way to move cross country. There are cheap and effective ways to do it, and through proper preparation and execution your move will be affordable and enjoyable.

What is the Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country?

It would seem that the cheapest way to move cross country is to do everything yourself; gathering your own supplies, packing your own boxes, and driving your stuff across the nation. But is that really cheaper? You’ll forfeit your time, which we all know is money; and you’ll spend money on gas while adding miles to your vehicle. There’s also the risk of your things getting damaged during the move, through improper packing techniques or unexpected occurrences. Bottom line, even when you do the move yourself, you end up spending money, and you risk not being covered if your stuff gets damaged, which is why it’s actually more cost effective to look into hring great cross country moving companies. Trained cross country movers will have the equipment, experience, and know-how to make your move simple, and, if you hire reputable movers, affordable. With a professional, your belonging will be covered by insurance, and they can offer a packing service that guarantees that your belongings will be packed properly, for maximum protection. You’ll be spending money upfront for their services, but in the long run it leads to savings.

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Hiring the Best Movers

Hiring any old mover won’t be the cheapest way to move cross country, especially if you end up in the hands of a rogue moving company. But, if you do the proper research, and a little leg work, then you won’t have to worry about hiring Joe Shmo Mover. Make sure the companies you’re looking at have informative and inviting websites, positive online reviews, courteous and knowledgeable sales representatives, and clean and professional facilities.

You’ll need to call the company on numerous occasions to gauge how professional they are over the phone, and it’s important to schedule a face-to-face visit that way you get a true vision for how presentable and professional they are. Also, it’s imperative that you get multiple quotes for your move, and that you don’t just choose the lowest estimate you receive because it’s cheap. Make sure the estimates you get can cover the costs of the labor, fuel, and materials, or else you may be getting a low-ball offer from a rogue mover, who will soon jack that price up.

The cheapest way to move cross country is to hire the best professional moving company you can find. They will take the move out of your hands, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the process, rather than having you stressed out as you carry boxes back and forth. If you want a push in the right direction as far as hiring a great company, check out Acclaimed Movers and Storage. They’re “A” rated with the Better Business Bureau, one of the fastest growing moving companies in the nation, and provide comprehensive and affordable cross country moving services.

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