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  • Keep your auto safe from being damaged with rocks by transporting it in an enclosed container.
  • Pair auto moving with any other service, Acclaimed does it all.
  • Acclaimed Movers & will pick up your car from anywhere, store it as long as you like, and drop it off to you at any location in the world in just the condition you left it.

Acclaimed Car Movers

No matter where you’re moving to, when you’re taking a vehicle with you the move becomes a complicated, messy affair; unless you hire a car moving company like Acclaimed Car Movers. Acclaimed has spent the last decade transporting vehicles around the country and even around the world. We have developed fully comprehensive car moving services, allowing us to quickly and efficiently move any type of vehicle. We offer multiple forms of car transport, giving you the choice in how your vehicle travels, and we always treat your vehicle with the utmost care. If you need to move any kind of vehicle, then you need the assistance of Acclaimed Car Movers.

Car Movers

Acclaimed Car Movers understands that the vehicles we move have great value to you, both monetarily, and pragmatically. That’s why we put all of our car movers through an in-depth training course, which prepares them to properly load, secure, and move any vehicle. We also do a complete inspection of your vehicle, to make certain that it can withstand the rigors of the journey, and to track how well the vehicle is treated in our care. Trucks, cars, boats, bikes, you name it and our car movers will safely move it. Moreover, we use cutting-edge trailers and top-of-the-line trucks for all transportation. Our trucks are equipped with GPS for easy navigation, and they run on a bio-diesel fuel to reduce their impact on the environment. Acclaimed can also move your vehicle while we transport your home or business, ensuring that the next relocation you make will be a great one. When you’re ready to move a vehicle, the trusted experts at Acclaimed Car Movers are ready to help.

Every relocation with the premier car transport experts at Acclaimed Car Movers includes:

  • A team of industry experts. Our Acclaimed car moving team has years of experience relocating vehicles, and will treat your car with care and concern. All of our team members are longtime company employees, and they work tirelessly to make sure each move is done right.
  • An inspection of your vehicle. We meticulously inspect your vehicle before we move, noting any and all external damages or irregularities. This inspection allows you to verify how well your vehicle is treated during the relocation.
  • Closed-crate transportation. The safest and most private form of car moving, closed-crate transportation involves having your car moved in an enclosed shipping crate. With this method your car travels by itself, and is protected from the elements.
  • Open-air transportation. The most cost-effective and common form of car moving, open-air transportation involves having your vehicle shipped on the open trailer of a car-hauler. These trailers can hold up to a dozen cars at one time.

Car Moving Quote

A car moving quote is a very different estimate than that of a household goods move, as it does not include an on-site estimate, and will not be calculated based on an hourly rate. Your car moving quote will vary depending on the size of your vehicle and the method of transportation that you choose. Remember that if you want maximum value for your money, open-air transport is cheaper; but if you want maximum protection for your vehicle, closed-crate transport offers the best protection possible. Choose the method that fits your vehicle and budget, and try to get quotes from as many companies as possible so you can have them compete for your business. For a quote from Acclaimed Car Movers go online and enter your information into the moving quote generator on our website, or call and speak directly with one of our sales representatives. It’s never been easier to get a quote, which allows you to focus on the more important things. Get a quote today, and we’ll get you moving.