The Extras of Long Distance Moving Rates

long distance movers ratesRecently, we brought you a breakdown of long distance mover’s rates, showing you what is included in the bill, and what kind of additional charges can appear during a move. We briefly talked about waiting charges, but this blog will take a more in-depth look at those charges, as well as, the charges for a dedicated truck and for expedited delivery. These special services can help personalize your moving experience, but that personalization always comes at a cost. Each moving company is different, and the prices for those charges will vary, but each company will certainly charge for those services. Here is the breakdown of the extras of long distance moving rates…

Breaking down Long Distance Moving Rates

Anytime that your long distance moving company must wait for you before delivering your items, the result will be that you’re assessed a waiting time charge. This charge will vary, depending on whether the wait is an hour, a day, or overnight. Most moving companies will have an hourly rate for waiting that is increased to a flat fee for a whole day or a whole night. They charge you for waiting because it reduces the company’s efficiency, and ability to use that truck for other moves. When you want to make a long distance move with a truck that is carrying only your items, you want a dedicated truck. Moving companies will charge a flat fee for a dedicated truck, and they will have a minimum size for any load that wants a dedicated truck. The other perk of having a dedicated truck is that the same movers who handle the loading, also handle the unloading, giving them a familiarity with you and your stuff. They charge for this service because it’s too affects the efficiency of the company, and limits them to using that truck for only one move. Often with long distance moves, multiple shipments are put on the same truck to increase the efficiency of the trip. The last charge that needs to be discussed is the expedited delivery charge. Anytime that you want your stuff to arrive on a specific date, and not within a window after the first available delivery date, then you want expedited delivery. Expedited delivery is another service that often has a minimum load size, because it handicaps the company’s ability to repurpose the truck being used for your move. Moving companies must also send multiple crews on expedited deliveries, because there is a legal limit to the amount of time that drivers can physically operate a vehicle each day. These services all add a personalized feel to the moving process, but they will all cost additional fees.

Here’s a quick glance at each service included in the extras of long distance moving rates:

  • Waiting time/ Overnight waiting charge
    : One hour, one day, one night, you can have your items wait as long as you need, but you will pay for that weight. The amount of the charges will vary, depending on the moving company.
  • Dedicated Truck
    : A truck all to yourself. When you don’t want your items travelling with anyone else’s stuff, you get a dedicated truck. But, remember that you will be paying for this service, and there is a minimum cubic feet allowance. Also, the same crew that handles the loading, handles the unloading, meaning you don’t have to work with anyone that you don’t know.
  • Expedited Delivery
    : Having your stuff arrive exactly when you want it too is extremely convenient. It’s also a bit more expensive than your average long distance move, as expedited deliveries require that moving companies use multiple crews.

Acclaimed Movers Affordable Moving Rates

Long distance movers can get expensive, and long distance moving rates confusing, but that doesn’t mean that your relocation will be a difficult experience. Acclaimed Movers, the nation’s leader in long distance moving, offers affordable rates and luxury services. They handle all manner of moves, taking people around the country, and even around the world. The have a fleet of top-of-the-line trucks, and they equip their trucks with an advanced GPS so that their drivers always choose the most efficient routes and never get lost. Acclaimed Movers understands the nuances of the industry, and that’s why they have economical long distance moving rates, even for expedited delivery, a dedicated truck, or for any kind of waiting. When you need to make a long distance move, you need to get a free, no-obligation moving quote from Acclaimed Movers.

Use the information in this blog to better understand your moving quote and contract. Make sure that you get the services your move requires, even if it costs an additional fee. Remember that you get what you pay for in the moving industry, for good and bad. Good luck with your move, and with finding the best long distance moving rates.

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