Helpful Hints for Leaving Out of State

leaving out of state

Whether it’s for work, another obligation, or simply to try something new, if you’re reading this blog it’s because you’re leaving out of state. Such grand moves are complicated, and require careful planning and proper execution for them to be successful. They also require the assistance of a professional moving company like Acclaimed Movers that understands how to perform long distance moves. To make things easier for you, this blog has some ideas, tips, and tricks that will help you prepare for your move. They are as follows:

Prepping for leaving out of state

Planning is extremely important when leaving out of state, and you should give yourself at minimum a couple of months to sort everything out. With two to three months for planning, you will be able to find the right moving company, find the necessary materials, handle all packing, discard items you no longer need, clean your place, transfer or shut off all services, notify all necessary parties, and handle any other details that need to be sorted out. If it feels like a lot, that’s because it is, but that is why you allot yourself at least two months to take care of it all. When you have a date in mind, begin gathering moving quotes from multiple companies, so that you can compare and contrast the various services and prices that are available.

When you have a few potential companies, research them online and then follow up with over-the-phone and in-person research. If a company is not willing to let you see their facility and operation, it’s probably a sign to look for someone else. Once you have your moving company and date squared away, it’s time to begin discarding items that you no longer need or want to take with you. Try to donate them to charitable organizations and churches, which happily accept gently used household and office goods. After that, it’s time to gather materials, which can be found at your local grocery, office supply store, or even a local storage facility. You will need tape, cardboard boxes galore, moving blankets, packing paper, and shrink wrap. Handling the donations and gathering of materials yourself saves you from having to pay the moving company for those things. By this time, your moving date will be fast approaching, so you’ll need to notify your bank, post-office, school, work, utilities company, cable company, etc. about your impending move. Have all services transferred to the new address by your moving day, so that there are no issues once you’re settled in. There are quite a few things to think about here, but it should help kick-start your brain as you prepare for your move.

Recap of the Supplies you Need for Leaving Out of State

  • Tape
    Standard packing tape is all you’ll need, however you will need lots of it. Ample amounts of tape should be used, because it helps hold the entire move together figuratively and literally. Adding a little tape to the seams of your boxes goes a long way towards protecting your items.
  • Packing paper
    Commonly newspaper is used for packing paper, but it is not recommended because the ink can leak and ruin items. Packing paper can be obtained from an office supply company or from a storage facility/ moving supply company.
  • Moving boxes
    These need to be reinforced cardboard containers, and they should come in various sizes to accommodate the different items you have. The key for your boxes will be your packing methods, which can make or break the stability of the box.
  • Moving blankets
    These padded covers are used to protect both the furniture and the building. Wrap all large furniture in moving blankets followed by shrink wrap to prevent knicks, dents, scratches, tears, and other damage to your bulky items. These are also used in elevators to prevent damage to walls and corners.
  • Shrink Wrap
    The last piece of the puzzle, shrink wrap ensures that your moving blankets don’t shift and leave your items exposed during the move. Although it is not always necessary, shrink wrap is usually an essential piece of the protection puzzle.

All materials can be obtained through your moving company for a nominal fee.

Choosing a Moving Company when Leaving Out of State

Once you’ve gathered quotes, you will have multiple moving companies vying for your business. Leaving out of state requires a company that performs long distance moves with ease, so put the interested companies to the test. Call them up at multiple different times and ask moving related questions. If they don’t have answers, or must bounce you around, that should be red-flag that they may not be as prepared as they advertise. Follow up the phone research by visiting the various operations. Get a feel for how professional they are, and how they treat their employees. Also, ask to have an on-site estimate performed, a service that should be absolutely free. Similar to if they don’t let you see their facilities, if a company refuses to perform, or charges for, an on-site estimate, it’s a good idea to begin looking at other companies. It’s also a good idea to verify that the company that you’re interested in using has its own trucks and movers.

There are many companies that advertise themselves as movers, but that are actually brokers, who sell jobs off to real moving companies. If a company has their own trucks, own movers, and displays licensing and insurance information that indicates that they are a moving company, then you have not chosen a broker. After you’ve verified that your with a reputable moving company, you can worry about getting the rest of your move and home ready. Follow the helpful hints listed above and you will have a great experience whether you’re leaving out of state, or moving across town. If you want a truly incredible moving experience, then you should get a free, no-obligation quote from the long distance moving experts at Acclaimed Movers. Acclaimed regularly handles moves out of state, and offers comprehensive services that are designed to simplify the process. When you’re ready to move, Acclaimed is ready to help.

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