Moving From State to State Guide

Whenever you’re moving from state to state, it’s important to begin preparing well in advance. Hopefully you have a few months between now and your move. Giving yourself about 8 weeks to prep for the move allows ample time to gather supplies, prepare for any complications, and to pack up your entire home or business. Because you’re moving to an entirely new state, it’s also a good idea to bone up on local laws and regulations, to ensure that your pets, plants, or other items are allowed to move with you. Moving from state to state

You’ll need boxes, moving blankets, packing paper, and tape, along with any other packing materials, to properly protect your belongings. Packing is an extraordinarily important part of any move, as it proves to be the difference between things arriving safely, or things arriving destroyed. This article will give you an idea of what’s to come when moving from state to state, so you’ll be prepared for it all, and happy with the results.

Tips for Moving from State to State

Professional household goods movers, the licensed professionals who handle moving from state to state, are the only movers legally allowed to transport your belongings across state lines. They are licensed and insured, meaning your items will be covered in the event of unforeseen issues. However, these movers will not be able to transport liquids, hazardous materials, plants, or animals. Many of these items are prohibited from crossing state lines, while others are just not appropriate for the back of a moving truck. State to State Moving Tips

Liquids and hazardous materials fall under both categories, as they are heavily regulated, and moving companies will refuse to handle them as they can create chaos for a move. Plants are often not legally allowed to cross borders because of regulations regarding pests, and also moving companies will not handle them because of the likelihood of the plant dying during the transition. Furthermore, moving companies cannot and will not move animals, and it would be rather inhumane to try and store an animal on a moving truck for the duration of an interstate move. If you plan to move any of the above-mentioned items, you should reconsider, or look into alternative/ do-it-yourself methods. For pets, the best plan is to keep them with you when moving from state to state.

Hiring State to State Moving Experts

As you research different moving companies, you’ll find an abundance of potential movers at your disposal. To choose the best company from your many options, you need to understand what makes a company an expert on moving from state to state. The experts will be registered with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration as household goods movers. They will have their own trucks, and relocation specialists, and will have performed thousands of similar moves. If you need packing services, they’ll pack for you. If you have questions, they’ll have answers. State to State Moving Experts

If you have issues, they’ll have solutions. All bulky furniture will also be handled with the proper equipment, which will protect both your home and the items being moved. All the while, they’ll perform these actions at a fair and appropriate rate. To save you the trouble of digging through dozens of companies, I’ll recommend Acclaimed Movers and Storage. They’re a fully licensed, insured, full-service, luxury moving company that handles all types of residential and commercial moves. When moving from state to state, they’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. For a free, no obligation quote, visit, or call (888) 668-3703.

Checklist for Moving from State to State

Here’s a checklist to help keep your move organized and on track:

  • Two Months Prior

    Have you set aside your moving dates?

    Have you decided between the D.I.Y. approach and hiring a professional?

  • Six Weeks Prior

    Have you gotten multiple price quotes for your move?

    Have you gotten the necessary paperwork in order? (Change of address forms, IRS forms, etc.)

    Have you begun to gather supplies?

  • One Month Prior

    Have you begun making an inventory of all items being moved?

    Have you begun setting aside items that will be discarded or donated?

    Have you notified schools/work/post office/banks/etc. of your impending move?

    Have you scheduled a shut off or transfer date for utilities/cable/etc.

    Have you hired a professional/ or scheduled your own transportation yet?

    Have you begun packing?

    You really should be gathering supplies by now…

  • Two Weeks Prior

    Have you begun packing yet? The day is fast approaching…

    Have you discarded unwanted items?

    Have you shopped appropriately so your fridge will be empty on moving day?

  • One Week Prior

    Have you confirmed your move with the moving company?

    Have you packed all of your belongings?

    Have you labeled all boxes?

    Have you set aside personal documents, electronics, and valuables to keep them on-hand during the move?

    You should have all utilities changes, address changes, and notifications done by now.

  • Moving Day

    Have you eaten your Wheaties today?

    Have a wonderful moving experience.

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