The Art of the Long Distance Move

Whether it’s across the state, across the nation, or across the globe, every long distance move is a unique and gratifying experience, which helps us learn and grow as a person. We test our ability to problem solve and to roll with the punches as our lives are boxed up and shipped off in the back of a truck. The long distance move is an art, and packing is where the battle is won and lost in terms of protecting your belongings during the transition. To properly pack your belongings, you’ll need the correct supplies, and also a strong understanding of how to pack a box. For the move to go off without a hitch, you’ll also need a great moving company.

Supplies for Your Long Distance Move

Here is a list of the supplies you’ll need for a great long distance move:

  • Cardboard boxes

    They should be completely intact, with all flaps, and should be a variety of sizes to accommodate the many different items that will be housed within.

  • Tape

    Clear packing tape is perfect for your boxes. Make sure that you use multiple strips on the seams of the boxes to reinforce the tape job.

  • Packing paper

    Although newspaper can suffice, you risk having the ink stain your belongings, so I recommend getting paper specifically for packing.

  • Moving blankets

    These will protect your furniture from getting scratched, chipped, dented, and damaged.

  • Industrial plastic wrap

    Wrapping your items in moving blankets, and then plastic wrap, ensures that they will have the most padding possible throughout the long distance move.

  • Bubble wrap*

    This is an optional item, which will add padding and protection to items, though it is not necessary.

Packing Tips for Your Long Distance Move

Packing may seem like only a small part of moving. But it proves to be the difference between your stuff arriving in one piece, or arriving in a million little pieces. Long Distance Move ChecklistProperly packing a box requires that you fill the space, and that means placing packing paper (or bubble wrap) in the leftover space between objects to prevent any movement or shifting during transition. Step-by-step it should go like this: the bottom of the box should be lined with packing material, your items should be wrapped in packing material and packed on top of that, then the space around the items should be filled before the box is topped off with more packing paper. Before your box is sealed up for good, you should be able to shake it without the contents inside shifting. For items like TV’s, artwork, pool tables, and pianos, special crating and disassembly/reassembly will be required. If you have to take this stuff with you on your move, look into hiring a professional moving company, who has the experience and equipment to get those items transported safely.

Hiring Professionals for Your Long Distance Move

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of professional moving companies that handle long distance moves within the United States and globally. These companies have to get fully licensed and insured before they can perform an interstate move. This means your items will be covered should any issues arise.Long Distance Move Also, many of these companies are fully comprehensive, full-service movers, who handle commercial and residential moves, and can help you through ever part of the process. If you need packing services, they can professionally box up your entire house, including the specialty items. If you need help planning, they’ll have moving consultants. If you have questions, they’ll have answers. Professional moving companies can remove the stress from your long distance move, making the whole process much more rewarding. Information on United States based long distance movers is available on the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration website, which provides detailed insurance information and reports on any violations or mishaps. I suggest doing ample research on any company you plan on using, which should take you beyond simple internet search engine results and user-driven reviews, and include as much over-the-phone and face-to-face interaction as possible.

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