The Surprising Things Your Movers Won't Move

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Jul 7, 2021 -

Your movers can come through with one of the most surprising things - a move that you didn't even plan. In fact, there are so many surprises in this process that you may wonder why you didn't know about them in the first place. The following are the five things your movers won't move.

Your movers will not move your couch - or any other large items that are heavy - on moving day. This is a common mistake for movers. Many have no idea that moving to a smaller home will mean more space, so they move items that are large, such as couches. If your mover's think that a couch will fit in your new home, they probably won't move it.

Your clothes are not going to be moved. Many people think that the movers will be able to get rid of the clothes, and that you are going to have to keep them until the movers are finished with the rest of the move. This is not true. Most movers will be able to keep the clothes until the move is done.

No moving boxes are going to be picked up. Your movers will not pick up your moving boxes at the curb, because that is not the way they are supposed to be moved. They are supposed to be transported in a vehicle that is already filled with the moving items, which is why they are called loaders. It is not uncommon for the movers to use boxes that were left at the curb because there is no way that the loaders can pick them up.

It is not unheard of for your moving truck to turn around. Your movers are used to using the loading and unloading vehicles to move large items, but moving boxes are not so large that they are able to use them. This is a problem that can occur, and a common one for the movers. They will usually be able to get the truck to turn around by using extra fuel, or having someone else drive it. You should let the movers know that this, so that you are not surprised when the truck turns around.

Your items will not be packed in a truck. A truck can be very expensive, and you probably want your items to be as light as possible so that you don't have to pay a lot of money for them. If you are moving many boxes, then you may be able to have some on-site storage to keep your boxes in. Most movers will not pack the boxes, so that they will be lighter when they are moved, and you won't have to pay for storage space that you don't need.

Your furniture will not be moved on moving day. If you pack everything in the same box, then you are going to have to move it. This is the best time to have it all boxed in, because then you know that everything is protected and safe. But if you have to move many boxes at one time, then it is best to pack them in a closet or a basement somewhere that is out of the way. You don't want to move them in the box next to the couch.

These are just a few of the surprise items that your movers will not move, but there are likely many more. than you think. The fact that they won't be moving most things is really no surprise, because these are things that are important to you and the safety of your belongings. You should have the movers make arrangements to get these things before the moving day so that you don't have to worry about anything other than the safety and security of your belongings when your mover's come to take them away.

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