Long Distance Movers Rates

long distance movers ratesLong distance moving is always a stress-inducing experience, which often becomes even more stressful when the bill arrives. Questions arise as to why you must pay for certain services, and with many moving companies there are surprises when the bill comes. However, you can prepare for your long distance move, and the inevitable bill that comes with it, by understanding long distance mover’s rates. Rates for long distance moves are based on tariffs set forth by the Department of Transportation, and will vary depending on the amount of stuff, distance traveled and the individual needs of the person moving. Here is a breakdown of what factors into long distance mover’s rates:

Things That Factor Into Long Distance Movers Rates

As mentioned above, rates for long distance moves vary, because there are multiple factors that weigh into the price. The amount of stuff, miles traveled  the amount of packing materials needed, any packing assistance, and any special services will have a direct effect on the price.

  • How much stuff do you have?
    It differs for the various moving companies, but the rate for your move will be determined either by the total weight of all of your stuff, or by the total number of cubic feet that your stuff amounts to. No matter what, the more stuff you have the more you will pay.
  • Mileage makes a difference
    Long distance moves are the relocation that cover more than one hundred miles, and from there the price increases, though only by a fraction, with each additional twenty mile stretch. The maximum and minimum charges for long distance moves are based on a tariff rate set forth by the Public Utilities Commission and the DOT.
  • Packing services and materials costs add up
    If you need assistance with packing up all of your belongings, you will pay for that service. The charge for packing varies depending on how much stuff you have, and how much the company chooses to charge if they offer that service. Additionally, all materials provided by the moving company, unless otherwise worked out in your estimate, will cost you a nominal fee. This includes rolls of tape, extra boxes, packing paper, blankets, etc.
  • There are services charges included in long distance mover’s rates.
    If the movers must go up a set of stairs, or must use an elevator, there will be a charge for that. If the movers must cover more than 75 feet when they’re carrying your belongings between the truck and the load/unload point, you will pay a long carry fee. If a shuttle, storage, or an extra stop is needed, you will pay additional charges. Also, if there are bulky items, that require the use of special tools, you will pay a charge for that.

These are the basic services and charges that you will pay for when you use long distance movers. Obviously the exact rate will vary depending on the company, but this gives you an idea of what you need to see on your estimate to know that you’re getting an accurate moving quote.

Acclaimed Long Distance Movers Rates

Knowing what you’re going to be paying for is half the battle as you learn about long distance mover’s rates; the other half is choosing a reasonable and affordable moving company. Acclaimed Movers, the nation’s premier long distance moving company, offers fully comprehensive services at incredibly affordable rates. They understand that with all of the service charges and fees, long distance moves can get quite expensive, and that’s why they work with you to save you money. They offer tricks and tips for how to handle packing and other things on your own, saving you from having to pay for it. They also offer extremely economical rates for all of their accessorial and special services charges. Additionally, Acclaimed is always upfront about any charges, clearly indicating them on your estimate, so that there are no surprises on moving day. When you need to make a long distance move, you need the trust experts at Acclaimed Movers. Hopefully you’ve learned enough about long distance mover’s rates that you can make an educated decision during your next move. Good luck with your long distance relocation.

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